How to Grow the Latin Mass

How Metropolitan Detroit Became a Center for Latin Liturgy

This video is a must-see for anyone who wishes to promote the Latin Mass in their diocese.  The first half of the video gives the history of the Latin Mass in Detroit. The real brass-tacks, how-to tips begin at the 43 minute mark.

How to Establish the Traditional Latin Mass

Accentuate the positive: the needs and desires of the faithful, the beauty of the Traditional Latin Mass,  our shared Catholic heritage, Tradition, and how the use of Latin helps bring people of all ethnic groups together to worship as one, in a truly “catholic” — “universal” — way.

An Urgent Warning About the Future of the Traditional Latin Mass by Msgr. Charles Pope

Even traditional Catholics have to evangelize!

Why You Can’t Have the Latin Mass

This link is not to discourage you, but to make you aware of certain realities that you will overcome with the help of Our Lord. I believe a few were omitted. Most notably, the catch-22 situation that the very lack of availability of the TLM causes the so-called lack of demand. It has disappeared from common experience for over 50 years. Most people who remember it as the only form of the Mass were either very young then (i.e. fussy children in uncomfortable clothes in need of a nap)  or else very old now (with fading memory). Both groups were often poorly or incompletlely catechized regarding Holy Mass and the Catholic faith in general…hmm, much like many Catholics today. We must educate ourselves and teach others. At any rate, please at least read the “Be The Solution” segment.